Cowboys' Jones questions use of Barber


IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has stirred debate about when Dallas should best utilize running back Marion Barber, whose punishing running style can wear out defenses.

Speaking Thursday on KRLD-FM, Jones said: "I think the real question is, should he be finishing rather than beginning? In his Pro Bowl year, where he had his best year, [Barber was] finishing the game. If you recall, Julius Jones started the game. We injected the quickness of his speed there early.

"That would be the issue. It's not a question of starting as much as it is, when do you use Barber at his best? There are a lot of people, prominent people who know Barber well, who feel like he would be better served used to finish the game than really used a lot at the start."

Coach Wade Phillips said the Cowboys' running back rotation will not change.


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