Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Greg Hardy have a chat about his behavior

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones met recently with controversial defensive end Greg Hardy¬† to discuss his behavior, which includes recently missing meetings and being late. "He is aware that everything he does -- his personality, his style, his enthusiasm -- it's all going to be interpreted negatively," Jones said. "If he's not aware of that, then he's hurting a lot of people. I think he really gets that. We certainly feel that way. He understands it, and he has agreed to really work on it." Jones said he's applied lessons from his own life to Hardy, who's been accused of domestic violence in the past. "If anyone knows how to hunker down, it's me," Jones said. "I know when you've lost all your benefits of the doubt and you so much as run as a stop sign or step out of bounds you're fixing to answer a lot of questions." Hardy was suspended for the first four games of the season for violating the NFL personal-conduct policy. Photos surfaced that showed Hardy abused his former girlfriend. "I don't think it has been easy for him," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. "I think he's doing his best to handle it every day. He a highly scrutinized guy, and what we're trying to do is create an environment for him where he can be his best." Follow me on Twitter: @AaronWilson_NFL Aaron Wilson covers the Texans for The Houston Chronicle.  
Aaron Wilson
Aaron Wilson covers the NFL for National Football Post, his second stint at the Post. He has previously written for Pro Football Talk and FOX Sports-Scout. Entering his 13th year covering the Baltimore Ravens, he's a beat writer for The Baltimore Sun. Wilson has also covered the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans.

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