Cris Carter, Randy Moss engage in good ol' fashioned feud

Randy Moss has announced his intention of returning to the NFL after one season off and he’s attempting a comeback with the gloves off.

Moss fired on Cris Carter his former teammate with the Minnesota Vikings and our friend Kevin Seifert who masterfully runs the NFC North blog over at did a terrific job of sizing up the action.

News on Moss has been out for a couple days and Carter weighed in on it this morning on “Mike & Mike in the Morning” on ESPN Radio. Carter had some very pointed remarks regarding Moss and his recent history in the NFL.

“The one thing you have to address with Randy Moss is not a conditioning thing," Carter said, brushing aside concerns about where or not Moss can still be a legitimate vertical threat. "It's not an age thing. It needs to be addressed. I believe it's the elephant in the room. It's that thing called quit.

“And Randy, not like any other superstar I've met, he has more quit in him than any of those other players. So I need to addresses that. That's what (New England Patriots coach Bill) Belichick did when he brought him over from Oakland. He told him he wasn't going to have it.

“But Randy, when things don't go well, like no other player I've ever been around or associated with, he has a quit mechanism in him that's huge. That needs to be addressed before he signs with any team.”


That’s what we call dropping a bomb. Carter makes some valid points and all you have to reference back to is how Moss handled his return to Minnesota in 2010 when the Vikings traded for him and then he completely let the team down in every imaginable way. It was embarrassing and it led to a quick end for Brad Childress.

Moss must have heard it or heard about it because he came back firing with both barrels on his new Twitter account.

“its sad how u stroked ur own ego when u were suppose to b my mentor!then u wonder why karma bites u in the ass! #goodlukwhof," Moss wrote.


So, there you have Moss telling Carter what comes around goes around, especially when Pro Football Hall of Fame voting comes around every February. Carter was shut out from Canton, Ohio, again this year. One of the complaints against Carter is he was rarely the No. 1 wide receiver on his own team, and certainly Moss overshadowed Carter when they were teammates together with the Vikings.

Later, Moss attempted to smooth it over a little.

"Cc no matter I still luv u bruh," Moss tweeted.

Carter made points worth wondering about. Will Moss be able to find a team willing to overlook some real flaws in him? Or was he a quitter one too many times?

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