DEA investigating drug abuse in NFL locker rooms

Recently, attorneys for plaintiffs filed a lawsuit in California claiming NFL team doctors and trainers handed out painkillers and other drugs without informing them of the risks that coud come with it, such as addiction or other health-related issues.

That caught the attention of the Drug Enforcement Agency, which has since launched an investigation on the NFL for the matter, reports The New York Daily News.

The report states that the DEA has contacted several former players to find out how team doctors and trainers are getting the alleged access to narcotics, Vicodin, Percodan and other drugs that were claimed in the lawsuit.

The initial suit alleges that doctors gave players pills to numb the pain instead of treating the injury. As a result, several players now have long-term injuries that plaintiffs are arguing could have been prevented.

This issue follows the recent concussion lawsuit, which recently resulted in a revised settlement that will have an unlimited cap on a fund that those with severe long-term injuries can collect from. With the NFL allegedly handing out pain pills like candy, it's another blight on the country's most-followed league.

It's one thing to be in court with some of the best attorneys defending you. It's another when the DEA comes calling. If the DEA finds out there was widespread drug abuse across the NFL, things could get fairly serious quickly.

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