Deacon Jones kicked an extra point in his final NFL game

Imagine at the end of a blowout if Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazier sent Jared Allen out to kick an extra point.

It would be the talk of TV and radio for a solid week and Frazier would probably be accused of grandstanding in the biggest way.

But that’s essentially what happened in the final regular-season game of Deacon Jones’ career. Jones died at 74 on Monday. Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post dug through the archives to come up with some information on the extra point Jones kicked to cap a 42-0 victory over the Chicago Bears on Dec. 16, 1974.

Now, before we go any further, we’re not suggesting this will be the final season for Allen. We are also not suggesting Frazier would choose to do this. We were just using an example of a top pass rusher in the game at this time, and pointing out what an interesting sidebar it would create.

Now, back to the archives. Redskins coach George Allen elected to allow Jones to kick an extra point at the end of the game. Jones apparently borrowed a kicking shoe from fellow defensive end Verlon Biggs, who did not kick for the team.

“All I was hoping was that the snap wouldn’t be high, so I wouldn’t have to run it in,” Jones said. “That would have taken courage. Guys like me are trained to dish it out, not take it.”

The kick banged off an upright and went in.

“A little three-cushion shot," Jones said. "I like to bank it in there. Makes it a little more exciting.”

It would be some story if it happened for a pass rusher today. But that is what Jones’ career was – some great story.

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