DeSean Jackson putting faith in Rosenhaus to get deal

DeSean Jackson has been showing somewhat surprising patience in his drive for a new contract from the Philadelphia Eagles, but what else is he to do during the lockout.

Jackson, who has emerged as a top playmaker for the Eagles after three seasons, would like a new contract with just one year remaining on his rookie deal. The top wide receiver from the 2008 draft, Jackson has practically demanded one at times.

Now, according to an interview on 97.5 The Phanatic, one transcribed by the Philadelphia Inquirer, he’s leaving it up to his agent to make it happen.

“I know Drew (Rosenhaus) has a plan and that’s the biggest thing, because we really don’t know when the lockout is going to end,” Jackson said. “Drew has been keeping me patient and motivating me and trying not to have me focus on my contract. That’s’ why I have him, so he can do his job and do what he needs to do, so me, as a player can feel confident and know he will do the best thing possible for me. I just really pray and hope that he works it out. I believe in him and know he can work it out for me. That’s why he’s Drew Rosenhaus. He gets paid to do what he needs to do. And that’s’ why in my eyes he’s one of the best.”

The Eagles have obviously discussed the situation and the club has been one of the better ones in the NFL at being pro-active and locking up its own players before they reach free agency. Is it a formality at this point?

“(Rosenhaus) will work it out,” Jackson said. “I know he’s been keeping in good contact with the Eagles. So far, everything's been positive. I feel he has a pretty good relationship with the front office.”

Of course, no contact is permitted during the lockout. We’ll see where this one heads once the NFL returns to business.

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