Dexter Manley offers to help Albert Haynesworth

The Washington Redskins have found someone interested in reaching out to Albert Haynesworth.

Dexter Manley, who had what at times was a troubled career with the franchise, would like to help Haynesworth. Of course, there are a couple things to think about. First, would Haynesworth invite any “help” from Manley, who has spent time in prison before he beat a drug addiction? Second, how much longer is Haynesworth going to be around the franchise? Most believe the Redskins will rid themselves of Haynesworth when the lockout is lifted.

Appearing at a seminar for high school students today at Redskins Park, Manley made the offer, according to the team’s Web site.

“I wanna talk to him,” Manley said. “First of all, he has to surrender his ego and allow somebody to let him know the pros and cons. Because what he's doing -- it won't be long.

“He's got to want help. He needs somebody to sit him down and talk with him and let him know. He knows the pros and cons, it's just that when someone gives you $115 million, it makes you think you're better than what you really are.”

Haynesworth was suspended for the final four games of 2010 for conduct detrimental to the club. He’s facing a myriad of legal issues this offseason, including an upcoming trial for sexual assault.

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