Dez Bryant leaves more unpaid bills in dust than cornerbacks

They’re just lining up for a piece of action with Dez Bryant at this point.

That’s because it appears the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver has left more unpaid bills in his dust than he has cornerbacks the last two years.

Bryant reportedly owes huge sums – maybe as much as $800,000 – for unpaid jewelry bills and tickets to sporting events. Now, the Tulsa World reports that Bryant has faced legal action for more than a year in Stillwater, Okla., where he was sued for $3,479.80 in January 2010 for failure to pay rent and damages to a home he rented while at Oklahoma State.

“He still has not paid us,” Bryce Campbell, the manager for the property company involed, told the World. “He will not answer our calls.

“The guy just left and didn’t pay his rent. It’s that simple.”

Now, the property company says Bryant owes $5,100 and it’s planning to file another lawsuit.

In a little more than a week, Bryant has been hit with an avalanche of negative publicity. This is certainly not the kind of public image NFL players want portrayed at a time when they are engaged in a labor battle with owners over, what else, money. Bryant’s apparently reckless lifestyle, at least when it comes to his check book and bills, reflects poorly on more than himself.

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