Dez Bryant pays up

Apparently, Dez Bryant has come out of the “dark place” he has been and enacted the “plan” he has to settle the line of debt he’s created since being drafted in the first round by the Dallas Cowboys nearly a year ago.

Bryant has come to a settlement with a New York jeweler over non-payment of a bill for $246,000 of jewelry, according to Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas.

An attorney for A+A Diamonds and Rafaello Company declined to reveal the terms of the settlement. Bryant had purchased $267,000 worth of jewelry from the company, which caters to celebrities and athletes.

It’s just one of several lawsuits against Bryant. A Colleyville, Texas, jeweler and ticket broker (that’s some combination) said Bryant owes him more than $600,000 for goods. Bryant has also been accused of not paying back rent in Oklahoma City.

If he’s finally taking care of his responsibilities, that’s a good thing.

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