Diner morning news: A holiday full of hope

QUOTE: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” -- Albert Einstein

“This is *Christmas*. The season of perpetual hope.” -- Kate McCallister, “Home Alone”

The quote above is from one of my favorite movies, especially at Christmas – “Home Alone.” In the season of perpetual hope, I thought it would be fun to pen a column based on hope. So here goes…


…I hope Mike Holmgren goes to Cleveland with a renewed sense of purpose, a renewed commitment to excellence, a renewed work ethic, a renewed spirit and a never-say-fail attitude that will restore this once-proud franchise to its glory days.

…Then I hope Holmgren understands the importance of Browns tradition and restores the sacred all-white uniforms. Get rid of those brown pants, please.

…I hope, for the remainder of the season, that the Cowboys play with the same passion and execution they did last weekend. It makes for much better football watching.

…I hope the Colts keep playing all their players and at least try to go 16-0. I love watching them compete, and I hope Peyton Manning plays forever.

…I hope this season hasn’t scared Bears quarterback Jay Cutler too much, and I hope it doesn’t scare Bears fans about him.

…I hope the Bengals can deal with all the sorrow in their lives and find a way to focus, especially in these difficult times.

…I hope the Cardinals take a bigger plane on their next long road trip. Did you see their plane ride celebration coming back from Detroit? It looked very cramped in there.

…I hope the Lions can find talented players this offseason and bring Detroit back to life like the Saints have done for New Orleans. Detroit needs a good football team.

…I hope Saints quarterback Drew Brees keeps throwing the ball to his covered wide receivers, and I hope they keep making plays.

…I hope, for my dear friend Ben and even for Yahoo Dave, that the Jets win a title in their lifetimes.

…I hope that Brian Westbrook doesn’t come back too early, and I really hope he never has another concussion.

…I hope that if Redskins owner Daniel Snyder hires Mike Shanahan as his next head coach, he lets him run the team and doesn’t meddle. The league needs the ‘Skins to be good.

…I hope Ahmad Bradshaw of the Giants cans stay healthy for the remainder of the season -- he makes them a better offensive team.

…I hope the Miami Dolphins can make the playoffs this year. I admire their resilience to keep fighting, their will to compete and their never-say-die attitude.

…I hope Chris Johnson of the Titans breaks 2,000 yards and keeps running for many more years. I love watching him.

…I hope more players will do what Browns return extraordinaire Joshua Cribbs did this year — keep playing well and know that the better you play, the more money you make.

…I hope Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell matures, takes football seriously and gets offended when people call him a bust. I hope he understands that there’s a fine line between people who just don’t care and those who need direction.

…I hope that everyone will recognize what an exceptionally great head coach Norv Turner has become. As is often the case with players, the right situations can dictate success.

…I hope that Jim Saccomano, Denver’s vice president of public relations and all-around great guy, takes his grandkids to many more winning Yankees games next year.

…I hope the Rams can find their quarterback of the future this offseason because they need one badly if they’re going to have any success in the future.

…I hope the Bills can find the right person to build their team and restore their football fortunes. They must understand there’s a huge difference between finding a good scout and finding a good team builder.

…I hope the Carolina Panthers realize that John Fox is a good head coach and that replacing him might be harder than they think.

…I hope the Chiefs find peaceful harmony and build morale in their building -- then realize they don’t need to destroy everything in the past to build a winner in the future.

…I hope I keep learning something new from Steelers coach Mike Tomlin’s press conferences. He’s filled my notebook with great thoughts and ideas.

…I hope Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez makes the playoffs next season — and wins a playoff game.

…I hope the Houston Texans can find that missing ingredient that keeps them from being a legitimate playoff team. I want to watch wide receiver Andre Johnson perform in the postseason.

…I hope we continue to have great games for the next month and a half because life without games on Sunday isn’t much fun.


…I hope the National Football Post continues to grow and provide stimulating football coverage for our fans. We all hope everyone either loves or hates what we write but never becomes indifferent. Happy holidays to all my friends here at the Post — we’re a good team.

…I hope NFL Network is in every home next year, because if you love football as much as I do, the channel is awfully enjoyable to watch. To all the people in front of, and especially those behind, the camera at the network, happy holidays.

…I hope Warren Sapp, Cris Collinsworth Phil Simms and everyone at Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” have a great holiday. Wednesdays are great days at NFL Films.

…I hope US Airways runs on time — not so much for me, but for all of us who seem to travel on their airline each and every week and are frustrated.

…I hope to watch “Godfather 1 and 2” all over again – it’s like a Christmas tradition.

…I hope the 76ers get better soon. It makes February very boring when they stink.

…I hope they never show the “tuck” game on any network ever again.

…I hope they make a movie of “The Sopranos” — I miss Tony more than I thought I would.

…I hope they show “The Catch” game on NFL Network one more time. It was too good.

…I hope I never get tired of watching the Three Stooges. As I grow older, I hope I never grow up.

… I hope I learn something new about my two sons, something new about my newly adopted daughter, something new about life and football — and most important, something about the loved ones in my life.

…I hope everyone has a great holiday filled with family and friends and heeds the advice of Vaclav Havel: “Hope is a state of mind not of the world. Hope, in this deep and powerful sense, is not the same as joy that things are going well, or willingness to invest in enterprises that are obviously heading for success, but rather an ability to work for something because it is good.”

Happy holiday….

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