Diner morning news: Is Tebow on Denver’s radar?

QUOTE: “Let us let our own children know that we will stand against the forces of fear. When there is talk of hatred, let us stand up and talk against it. When there is talk of violence, let us stand up and talk against it. In the face of death, let us honor life. As St. Paul admonished us, let us ‘not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.’” -- President Bill Clinton, April 23, 1995, following the Oklahoma City bombing

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the tragic Oklahoma City bombing. We should all take a moment to remember those who lost their lives on this tragic day.

Draft week is always exciting, and although teams are not allowed to bring in players to their facility, they can still travel and work out players on their college campuses. Today, Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels is spending time working out Tim Tebow. Does this mean he’s going to pick him at No. 11? Doubtful, but Denver might be one of the teams that will trade up to the bottom of the first round to acquire Tebow if his workout goes well. The first round will be on Tebow alert somewhere in the 20s. Teams picking there that want to move will be hoping their phones will be ringing.

As I wrote Sunday, Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen and Oklahoma State wide out Dez Bryant are the other players that teams looking to acquire more picks are hoping will be available when they’re on the clock. To be able to move, there has to be a player that teams are willing to move up to acquire. As happened with the Chiefs last year, there are times in every draft that teams are not willing to move to acquire any player. Once again this year, the Chiefs want to move down, but will they be able to? This year, they’re willing to move down a significant number of picks (maybe as low as eight spots), feeling they can get the same quality player but add more picks. Ideally, the Chiefs are hoping that a team needing a quarterback will want to move up to acquire Jimmy Clausen, but that’s not something I’m hearing right now. So the Chiefs might be stuck picking at five or take a reduced deal to move down. The chart is meaningless at times, as the value of each pick is much like our economic system — tied to supply and demand. When the demand is low, the cost goes down; when the demand is high, the cost increases.

As former 49ers coach Bill Walsh used to remind me before the draft, “We can’t pass, we have to pick someone.” Teams planning to move down must still plan on making the pick — because they might actually have to make it.

Here are some thoughts of the day. Every day this week until the draft, I’ll try to provide a few:

1. I cannot figure out where Taylor Mays of USC is going to get drafted. I have more teams telling me that they’re worried he’s going to make it to their pick and they don’t want to take him.

2. The ‘Skins are planning on keeping Jason Campbell through the draft, then they will attempt to trade him. If that fails, they plan on bringing him back to compete for the second string job -- but what happens if they draft a QB? At that point, he might get released. If the Skins draft a QB, they’ll need two because with their offensive line, it would be hard for any QB to stay healthy.

3. One of the reasons the Chiefs want to move is because they feel they can get value in the second round at the offensive tackle position.

4. The Raiders have made many phone calls on Jimmy Clausen and Tim Tebow, but it’s doubtful they’ll pick either one.

5. I keep hearing California running back Jahvid Best is moving up in the draft. Many teams value his big-play ability, and he’s the perfect back in a spread attack. His concussions might be a concern, but his talent is not.

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