Diner morning news: Let the parties begin

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MIAMI -- Super Bowl week is always filled with excitement, but in the host city, it’s not until Thursday that the real action begins to takes place. All the parties start, the town is overflowing with fans and the excitement builds. For the teams not in the game, there is work to be done on the college draft, pending free agency and making sure the offseason is detailed.

…I wonder if new Cleveland Browns GM Tom Heckert is serious about Tim Tebow or he’s just being coy. I do know that Heckert loves Kevin Kolb from his time with him at Philadelphia. One thing’s for sure -- there are going to be some changes to the Browns roster this offseason and mostly likely one at quarterback.

…Osi Umenyiora might want to reconsider his comments about starting. He’s not a physical run player, and unless he’s on the move, he is never going to dominate in the run game. He will still be very effective if he can come off the bench and rush in the Giants’ nickel unit and impact the game. He’s a pass rusher, not a run player, and the more he plays the run, the less effective he’ll be rushing the passer.

…I guess the secret of Jimmy Hoffa and the Meadowlands will never be solved. Today, workers begin the teardown of Giants Stadium. Next year, both the Jets and Giants play in a new venue, and all that remains of the Hoffa mystery is more questions.

…If Chad Pennington wants come back in a backup role for the Dolphins, it would benefit Chad Henne greatly. Pennington is smart, well prepared and knows what it takes to play well in the system. He could prove invaluable to Henne.

…Baltimore’s Ed Reed needs to keep playing and not retire. Yesterday, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said he doesn’t believe Reed will retire, and based on the way he played last year with all his injuries, he’s still a good player.

…I’d be surprised if the Bears hire a new defensive coordinator. They wanted Perry Fewell, thought they had a commitment from Fewell and he left. Their interest in hiring a defensive coordinator was really just an interest in hiring Fewell.

South Beach Super Bowl thoughts…

1. If Dwight Freeney is not in the game, Drew Brees won’t have that internal clock going off in his head all the time. But he’ll have to prepare for some different blitzes from Colts defensive coordinator Larry Coyer, who’s creative and can cause problems.

2. How about this for a recruiting pitch — chef Emeril Lagasse told Brees, “I don’t want to give you any pressure, but if you sign with the team, I’ll come and cook dinner for you and your wife any time you want.” Now there’s a sales pitch that’s hard to beat.

3. New Orleans is the No. 2 team in the NFL in rushes and pass completions combined, averaging 53 a game. The Colts are 17th with 48. The Saints will need to be over 53 to win.

4. Scott Green, the head referee, might not have a busy day Sunday as both teams are not penalized very often. The Colts were the league’s second-least penalized team, averaging just five per game, and the Saints were eighth, averaging slightly more than five.

5. I still think it will be the toughest Hall of Fame class to decide for the committee this week, but I know it will be a strong group regardless of who gets in.

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