Diner morning news: McCoy and the combine

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News from around the league:

Colt McCoy will throw at combine

With all the uncertainty of free agency, it seems that teams have turned their attention to the draft. Assuming his shoulder is improved, Texas quarterback Colt McCoy plans to throw at next week’s NFL Combine -- which I’m sure Sam Bradford of Oklahoma and Tim Tebow of Florida won’t be doing. Does this give him an advantage? Not really, but it does show his willingness to compete in a very difficult arena for quarterbacks.

At the combine, when the quarterbacks are throwing, I’ll often say to the person sitting next to me, “Pretend it’s third-and-10. Let’s see how many we actually convert against air. You’d be amazed how inaccurate many of the throws are and how often the group finishes less than 40 percent -- against air. Sad, right? But with so many different receivers running routes, it’s hard to establish good timing with everyone, and each receiver runs his routes slightly differently, which makes the quarterback look bad from time to time. It’s never easy to just “put the ball on the receiver,” which causes him to wait on the ball and makes the quarterback look bad. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks, and the controlled setting on campus can provide a more stable environment for high-profile quarterbacks. McCoy will have his own day at Texas as well as throwing at the combine, so he can overcome a bad throwing day in Indy.

However, what worries me most about McCoy is his lack of build, specifically in his lower body, where he’ll need to sustain the constant hits he’ll absorb in the NFL and not allow it to affect his ability to drive the ball. He’s listed at 6-3 and over 200 pounds, yet he doesn’t look that big on tape. Size doesn’t always matter (see Drew Brees), but it does matter when there’s not a sense of rhythm with each throw. I’m not yet sold on McCoy and his rhythm or his ability to be accurate with the football on the second and third levels. And this will not be proven at the combine, but it might happen in his private workouts with receivers that he’s comfortable with. The key for teams in the private workouts is to check the footballs to make sure they’re not old and easy to throw since those kinds of balls are never on the field in camp or in games. A favorite ball to a quarterback is not a favorite to teams in the evaluation process.

It will be interesting to watch McCoy throw this spring.

More on Joey Porter

The roster bonus for Joey Porter is not a March 5 roster bonus but rather a fifth-day-of-the-league-year bonus, which will enable the Dolphins to release him once the first day of the league year starts. As a result, they won’t have to pay the roster bonus and will not be affected by the cap.

More on Miles Austin

Joe “The Tipper” Fortenbaugh explored the Miles Austin situation very well in his recent post, and my thoughts are similar. With Austin, the Cowboys know that Bill Parcells, the man who signed him as a college free agent, is in need of a receiver and is willing to pay for one, especially one he’s familiar with. Whatever the Cowboys decide to do, they must consider Parcells and make sure they secure Austin’s rights. Don’t forget, Parcells was the man who brought Curtis Martin to the Jets, so he’s not afraid to pay dearly for a skill player.

Marc Bulger cleans out his Rams locker

The true measure of a successful organization is to be able to anticipate problems, not react to them. For the Rams, this Marc Bulger problem has been festering for some time, but they chose to ignore it, picking a very average end (Chris Long) and a right tackle (Jason Smith). Now they’re looking for a franchise quarterback at a time where there may not be one in the draft.

Last offseason, I heard the Rams were interested in Michael Vick before he signed with the Eagles, but once again they passed, ignoring the problem. Now, the Rams are again reported to be in the Vick market, a year too late. Lately, they’ve always been too late in almost everything they do.

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