Diner morning news: Trades are coming

QUOTE: “By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination.” -- Christopher Columbus

I kept waiting for the upset Sunday, and it almost happened in Kansas City. But for the most part, the very bad teams that played the very good teams got beat — soundly. There is a disparity among teams that I’ve never seen before in my 20-plus years in the NFL. I have a feeling the coming week might produce some trades.

Here are my random game thoughts:

1. In the two overtime games, the winner of the coin toss won one and lost one. So much for the theory that the winner always wins the game.

2. The Broncos held Tom Brady to five completions in the second half for a total of 63 yards. They always seem to make the right game time adjustments. They held the Patriots’ offense to no points in the second half.

3. The Titans tried hard Sunday night, but they need to be objective now and realize they have some talent deficiencies on both offense and defense. They make too many mistakes and can’t rely on their defense to bail them out this year. It’s getting closer to Vince Young time in Tennessee.

4. I was very wrong about Bengals running back Cedric Benson. He looked so slow and soft with the Bears, I thought he would never be a player -- but now he’s very effective. It proves the point that any player picked that high in the draft deserves a second chance.

5. Chris Henry is very a talented player, and now that he’s turned his life around off the field, his play on the field has been great. The Bengals have been fortunate to get Benson and Henry to straighten out their careers.

6. The Falcons are one of the best offensive teams in the NFL, and unless their opponents can keep pace with them, they can hide their defense. They get a lead on their opponents, they’re tough to beat.

7. Redskins running back Clinton Portis looks heavy, sluggish and slow and is clearly not the same back he once was. He’s not in shape, which is evident by his lack of power in his lower body; he can’t break tackles. Getting old in life is hard, but getting old in the NFL for a running back is even harder. Portis averaged 3.3 yards per carry in his last nine games, and Sunday he averaged 3.0 against the worse run defense in the NFL.

8. Did the two sacks Carolina defensive end Julius Peppers make against the ‘Skins make him more attractive in trade talks this week? The Panthers probably want to keep him after this showing.

9. I’m not sure what Michael Vick can do for the Eagles. They have enough talented players who can make plays in their regular offense. He seems like a luxury item. Also, if a team needs a wideout, it might want to call Philadelphia and check the availability of Kevin Curtis. He’s expendable now with the play of Jeremy Maclin.

10. I bet even Browns and Bills fans hated watching that game yesterday. Did the Browns really win, or did both teams lose? Does Browns quarterback Derek Anderson keep his job after just completing two passes all day?

11. Bills GM Russ Brandon on the 6-3 loss: “It is frustrating. I said it last week and I will say it again this week, this is a low point for the organization and for the fan base. We worked our tails off in the offseason to put us in a position that should be better than where we are now. Certainly, we understand the frustration of our fans and everyone that supports this organization.” Working your tail off doesn’t ensure success in the NFL. Working your tail off and making the right moves, however, do ensure success. The Bills placed too much faith in quarterback Trent Edwards, believing he could be their answer as a starter. He’s not a starter. News alert: The Bills need a quarterback.

12. The Raiders failed to gain 200 yards on offense for the fourth week in a row. I know that was a long plane ride home and suspect they will make plenty of moves before the trading deadline next week.

13. Bucs quarterback Josh Johnson was much better in his second start. Had his receivers not dropped as many passes (I counted six) his numbers would have been much better.

14. The Texans have played good run defense the past two weeks, but they still can’t get pressure on the passer. What’s killing them, besides their defense, is their lack of a running game. I was shocked they called a run on fourth-and-one late in the game because their offensive line can’t move anyone off the ball. They are just not physical enough to get movement.

15. Tony Romo had the second-best day of his career, and he needed it to avoid losing to the Chiefs, who lost their ninth straight game and ninth consecutive home game. The Chiefs are now 2-28 in their last 30. How bad would life be in Dallas this week if Miles Austin not had a huge day and the Cowboys lost?

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