Diner morning news: Who believes in Brady Quinn?

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Brady Quinn and Browns quarterbacks

I’ve been writing online at the Post and talking on NFL Network about why I feel Brady Quinn is not a quality NFL starter and why the Browns ultimately will find another quarterback. But there’s one diehard Quinn fan (not my son) who sends me absurd emails about how he thinks Quinn is the next Dan Marino and how I’m an idiot for not recognizing his talents. There’s no way to change this man’s mind -- or at least make him think he might be wrong.

I’m all for loyalty to a player, but this person is over the top (trust me, he’s called me a lot worse than an idiot). He doesn’t lack confidence in Quinn, even though he has never coached or scouted the position professionally. He believes in his heart of hearts that Quinn will start in Cleveland next season. At first, I thought this fan had to be a Quinn relative, but that’s not the case. I understand being loyal, but I don’t understand blind loyalty. Why is it so difficult to see that Quinn is not an NFL starter? The other question is how did Quinn cultivate this blind, obsessive loyalty?

The year Quinn was drafted, there was concern around the NFL about his overall accuracy on every level — short, medium and long. In fact, his workout was not very impressive, and the reason he slipped in the first round was because of his lack of accuracy. Quinn finished his college career with a 58-percent completion rate, which improved the last two seasons under Charlie Weis’ tutelage. In college, the completion percentage for quarterbacks should high because of the famed bubble screens that are prevalent since linemen can be downfield on forward passes. So no quality college quarterback should ever be below 65 percent. Once he entered the NFL, the Browns thought they had their guy for the future, but in the short term, Derek Anderson played well and led the Browns to a 10-win non-playoff season. As his career unfolded and the hopes built for Quinn to be the savior, his lack of accuracy, rhythm and decision-making doomed his performances. When given the chance to start, Quinn failed to deliver, and now the Browns are moving on -- probably without him.

Now Mike Holmgren has taken over, and he evaluated Quinn coming out of college and in his stint as the Browns starter. To no one’s surprise, Holmgren has started to bring in quarterbacks he feels more comfortable with in his task of rebuilding the Browns. Quinn has been on the trade market for a while — as I reported here and on NFL Network. The Browns are bringing in former Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme for a visit today and made the move for former Seattle backup Seneca Wallace, clear indications they’re not willing or want to give Quinn the starting job. And they have even admitted privately that if they sign Delhomme, they might just dump Quinn.

The Browns quarterback position is in flux and will not be settled until after the draft, where most NFL insiders suspect they’ll draft one — probably very early. But one thing I know for sure is that my email box tomorrow will be filled with comments on the greatness of Brady Quinn.

LT and the Vikings

LaDainian Tomlinson was in the Twin Cities yesterday to visit the Vikings and gauge their level of interest. Tomlinson has said he wants to play for four more years and wants to be “the man.” But in Minnesota, he won’t be the man. The role of nickel back, though, might be appealing since there don’t seem to be many starting jobs open for him right now. Does this move make sense for the Vikings? That one is hard for me to determine since I’m not sure there’s much gas left in the LT tank.

LT will benefit playing a reduced role, specifically in Minnesota as the Chester Taylor replacement -- but can he contribute as Taylor did? Taylor was the perfect change of pace from Adrian Peterson because he ran with power and could make yards after the first contact. Any back can make yards when the line clears a lane, but the great backs can make something out of nothing and can make yards after contact. Last year, LT was productive when the line played well, but those runs that were once his signature runs are a thing of the past.

The Vikings’ evaluation must be different. They expect LT to be his old self, or close to it, or else how can he help their team? If anything were to happen to Peterson, the Vikings were secure knowing that Taylor could excel in their offense. But if they sign LT, would they have the same? My feeling is no way — but time will tell.

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