Disappearance of Aromashodu no longer a mystery for Bears

So what in the world happened to Devin Aromashodu?

The Chicago Bears wide receiver was targeted for 10 passes by quarterback Jay Cutler in the team’s Week 1 win over the Detroit Lions. He hauled in five of them for 71 yards, and would have had a touchdown on the game’s opening drive had the ball not slipped through his hands.

Aromashodu went from being the No. 1 target to nearly invisible this past week at Dallas. He was on the field for one snap on offense against the Cowboys. Taking his place were Earl Bennett and Rashied Davis. Aromashodu, who was a top target for Cutler in the final weeks of the 2009 season, was relegated to a little work on special teams.

“Devin is a bit of a specialist in that he does not play the slot, which we asked him to do in the opener,'' Martz said. “He's not comfortable in there, he's not familiar with it. (All the other receivers) play the slot and the outside.

“Devin just plays the outside, so his opportunities are reduced dramatically because of his limited knowledge. Does that make sense? He's not a slot or a nickel guy.”

The Bears were also critical of Aromashodu for not blocking better downfield and he did drop three passes in the game. Still, drops are physical mistakes that can be corrected. Failed assignments are mental lapses that coaches have less patience for, especially from veterans.

So the challenge now for the Bears’ coaching staff is to build Aromashodu back up and get him ready to perform soon because he is a valuable contributor.

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