Ditka on Cutler: 'He needs to improve his body language'

Few NFL players have been put through the ringer more since the season ended than Jay Cutler.

The Chicago Bears quarterback was subject to intense scrutiny when a sprained knee prevented him from finishing the NFC Championship Game, a loss to the Green Bay Packers.

In something that’s rarely seen, Cutler was criticized from players around the league.

Now, Chicago’s football icon is weighing in on the quarterback. Mike Ditka – who is football in Chicago – said Cutler needs to improve his game in a way that has nothing to do with spinning the football.

Jay Cutler is a talent,” Ditka told Dave Krieger of the Denver Post. “Nobody will argue that. I think part of playing quarterback is talent. The most important part of playing quarterback is leadership. And the way you act and the way you conduct yourself around your teammates on the sideline, with the media, all those things.

“Now, I can't speak for Jay in the sense of, I don't know what being a diabetic does to you. I have no idea, so I can't really speak to that. But I'm just saying that he needs to improve his body language, and I think everybody would admit that.

“But as far as the game of football and the ability to throw the football, he does that very well. And I think the other quality we got to get to is the leadership thing. You've got to be able to lead as a quarterback.”

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