DMN: Can Shawn Andrews find a new home?

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This has been a very busy week in the league, which is strange since things usually tend to slow down the week before the owners meetings. From all the interest in Tim Tebow to Seattle acquiring a new quarterback, this is hardly a slow time in the NFL. Here are a few of the top stories:

Shawn Andrews says goodbye to the Birds

The Shawn Andrews era ended in Philadelphia, and it will be interesting to see if any team in the NFL makes a move to sign him. Andrews, who was released by the Eagles on Wednesday, has never been known to love the game of football going back to his days in college. Besides his lack of motivation, he’s also had back problems, so his questionable passion and concerns about his health should make Andrews’ return to the NFL questionable.

Many teams, however, will view him as a Pro Bowl guard who might be able to get back on track. Great in theory but bad in reality if teams think they can change Andrews. He’s talented, but as we all know, talent alone won’t carry an offensive lineman. They must have toughness along with a love of the game and intelligence to handle the scheme, and they must be able to deal with the pain that comes with playing the position. Andrews will work out very well and will be a dancing bear, but it will also be questionable whether he plays well every week.

The legacy of Shawn Andrews should remind teams to make sure they select offensive linemen with the necessary skills and not just talent alone. This cut serves as a perfect reminder before the draft.

Charlie Whitehurst gets 10 million

Many fans emailed me last night to wonder how Charlie Whitehurst could get $10 million for two years from the Seahawks. The most popular question: What has he done to make Seattle think he can be a starter?

What did Matt Hasselbeck or Mark Brunell do in Green Bay or Matt Schaub in Atlanta to make any team think they could be starters? What made Brunell, Schaub or Hasselbeck successful with their respective teams, and what made A.J. Feely fail in Miami? The key to making this move successful is that the offensive coordinator knows the talent he needs to run his offense, and the player they’re bringing in will be able to properly execute the system.

I like the move, in part because the Chargers liked Whitehurst. They liked his work habits, his leadership skills, his arm, his toughness. He just never had an opportunity to display those skills while in San Diego. This move now lets the Seahawks concentrate on other positions in the draft and not worry about finding their quarterback of the future.

Why $10 million over two? Simple. There was competition for his services, and nothing makes a contract expand like competition. The Cardinals really wanted Whitehurst, and all along, even before free agency started, I knew he was going to be in demand. Being in demand means a better contract.

Tim Tebow

The University of Florida was very busy hosting the NFL on Wednesday as its draft prospects worked out. Obviously, the biggest name, Tim Tebow, showed that he’s changed his delivery to carry the ball higher, making his release quicker. But the key to determining his real draft status will be the private workouts and who actually attends them.

Currently, New England, Carolina, Buffalo, Washington and Seattle have plans to work out Tebow privately. Once those are done, Tebow’s draft status will be updated. But from what I’m hearing, he won’t make it past the second round.

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