DMN: New Packers uniforms? Say it ain’t so

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Packers’ new look

Uh oh, the Packers are unveiling a new uniform on Friday. I don’t like the sounds of that. I’m a traditionalist when it comes to uniforms, and I believe even the slightest variation of that tradition is not right. I’ll wait to see the outcome, but I don’t like the sound of this at all.

Charlie Whitehurst on tour

As predicted, the Cards are interested in Chargers quarterback Charlie Whitehurst as a potential competition for Matt Leinart. They’re also interested in bringing in Derek Anderson, who was waived by the Browns on Tuesday. Clearly, the Cards are not putting all their chips in the Leinart basket and want to make sure they find the right piece to enhance their skill players. I love that the Cards are being aggressive in their pursuit of quarterbacks and not just placing convenient faith in Leinart because they drafted him in the first round. Head coach Ken Whisenhunt knows his future is tied to the skill players on the team, and the NFC West is up for grabs if he can get the right player to lead the offense.

Derek Anderson went to the Pro Bowl in 2007, in part because of his ability to make throws down the field. The 2007 Browns offense had very talented players at the skill positions. Braylon Edwards made plays and scored 16 touchdowns, and the Browns had the ability to run and throw. The 2010 Arizona Cards have similar skill players as the 2007 Browns, and they can make a deep-ball thrower like Anderson look effective. Anderson is not very accurate on the first or second level, but he does throw the deep ball well, and with Larry Fitzgerald running down the field, he makes most quarterbacks look better.

So why is Leinart not the answer for the Cards? Great question, especially since Leinart has actually played more than Whitehurst. In the past, Leinart’s work habits have come into question, and his inability to process quickly with the ball in his hands makes the Cards nervous he can make this offense hit on all cylinders. Is Whitehurst better than Leinart? No one can answer that question, but this we can assume: Whisenhunt liked Whitehurst coming out of Clemson, and he’s not yet sold on Leinart.

T.O. and Ocho

Can these two wide receivers really make it work in Cincinnati? Can Terrell Owens take some pressure off Chad Ochocinco? Forgetting the off-the-field stuff (which is hard to do with T.O., although he did behave in Buffalo last year), my problem with the Bengals making this move is that I’m not sure it will solve the problems in the passing game. T.O. is not the same player, and neither is Chad. Both have seen better days, and the receiver who will help Chad extend his career is Brandon Marshall from Denver, not T.O. from Twitter.

Five years ago, this pairing would have brought fear to every defensive coordinator in the NFL. However, now they both have weaknesses in their game, and for Carson Palmer to excel, he needs explosive players who can escape tight press coverage. Ochocinco can still do this, but I’m not as confident in Owens. Yes, Owens keeps himself in great shape and still looks the part, but he’s not nearly as explosive as he once was. He does not separate and he does not win the initial one-on-one matchup. This paring might look good on paper, but in reality, it will struggle to be successful.

Denver is rebuilding its defensive front

The Broncos clearly have made a commitment to improve the physical nature of their defensive front, and their signings at the beginning of free agency support this commitment. After giving up more than 900 yards rushing the last month of the season, the Broncos are committed to stopping the run.

If Jamal Williams can stay healthy, which might be difficult, he gives the Broncos a solid rundown nose. Justin Bannan is a very effective player who plays hard and with great intensity and effort. Jarvis Green can still rush and move when playing inside over the guard, and he’ll be an effective situational rusher. The combination of these three players, along with their versatility, enhances the Broncos front.

With these signings, the Broncos can now add speed and athletic talent to their linebacking group in the draft. They’ll need to be precise with all their evaluations of the hybrid backers in the draft, but these defensive line signings allow them to focus their full attention on their evaluations of backers.

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