DMN: Thomas’ play, not his words, hurt him

QUOTE: “Let us all be men and women in full. Let us expect from ourselves more than we think we can give, more than we think we can do and more than we think we already know.” -- Michael Mullen

MIAMI -- Just two more days until the Super Bowl. Check back on Sunday for my Super Bowl breakdown and prediction, which will the centerpiece of the Sunday Post.

Random thoughts…

…All the talking coming from Adalius Thomas is strange considering his play this season was far from productive on tape. I would think it would be hard for the Patriots to bring him back, not for his words but for his play.

…Commissioner Roger Goodell will address the labor issue today from a different perspective than the one offered Thursday by NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith. Each side has its own version, but the one thing that’s clear is that the players love the old deal and the owners hate it.

Buffalo switching to a 3-4 defense might force Aaron Schobel into retirement. He’s been thinking it, and this switch might be the reason he decides to leave.

Denver wide receiver Brandon Marshall might be going with the flow and saying all the right things now, but this change in personality won’t prevent the Broncos from moving him if the right deal is offered.

…Formers Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner going to Stanford is a good move for him, but if Tom Moore leaves the Colts, Turner would be a prime candidate to join that staff in some capacity.

South Beach Super Bowl thoughts…

1. Even if Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney suits up for the game, his play will be limited -- mostly third downs and special situations -- assuming his ankle holds up.

2. The Colts have two players who force fumbles at a high rate. Freeney has forced 36 since 2002, and Robert Mathis has forced 35. Saints quarterback Drew Brees will have to be careful with the ball as he moves from side to side in the pocket.

3. If I’m the Saints and win the coin toss, I defer to the second half. I want the ball to start the third quarter.

4. I bet New Orleans head coach and play caller Sean Payton spent time reviewing the Denver Broncos defense of 2005 to make sure he knows all of Larry Coyer’s pressure blitzes. He knows he’ll see a slightly new blitz package from Coyer in this game.

5. Looking forward to hearing Carrie Underwood perform, more than The Who. Not sure how The Who got the call. From Bruce Springsteen last year to The Who this year is a major, major letdown.

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