Donovan McNabb: "Hopefully (I) end my career here"

We’re going to have to wait until a little later in the week to see if Andrew Brandt puts Donovan McNabb’s words through his handy translator where he tells you what they said and what they meant … but from the sounds of things Donovan McNabb can’t wait for a contract extension in Washington.

Appearing on WJFK-106.7 FM in Washington, McNabb was promoting high blood pressure awareness when one of the hosts, John Auville, told him he’d bought an $80 McNabb jersey for his kid and he didn’t want to see them on the bargain rack a year from now.

"I feel your excitement, and I'm right behind you," McNabb said, according to Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. "I look forward to being able to extend my contract and hopefully end my career here. And at this particular point, obviously there's some writing in the contract of when you'd be able to do that, but things will happen. Things will happen. And we will take our steps when the time comes and be able to handle that situation.

"You know, obviously can't communicate (about) contracts, but I look forward to getting that done. The team looks forward to getting it done. So your $80 jersey won't go to waste. I will be in Washington. And your son will wear it proudly, and we'll get you one as well."

Again, Brandt has the translator hooked up in his basement, but that sounds pretty clear that McNabb, indeed, is patiently waiting to get paid in Washington. He is entering the final year of his contract and surely the Redskins didn’t trade for him to have a one-year rental. They’ve had enough revolving door activity at Redskins Park as it is.

Conventional thinking would be that the sides would get something hammered out before the season begins, perhaps even before training camp kicks off. That way talk of McNabb’s future will not be an issue. Stay tuned.

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