Donovan McNabb mystified by 'hoopla' surrounding him

Donovan McNabb is mystified by the report that came out last week which linked, at least in part, his falling out with Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan to his refusal to wear a wrist band with the plays on it.

Appearing today at a medical facility opening, he told Mike Jones of the Washington Post he was amazed by the report but it’s significant to note that McNabb didn’t deny the story.

For someone who’s so quiet and really just tries to be the best at what I do, and to be a part of the firestorm every offseason, it’s amazing,” McNabb said. “But I never let that affect what I’m doing. I write goals for myself every season and offseason, and I look to achieve those goals, and they really make you stronger mentally and physically. Things are going to be out there negative, out there about you. Everyone’s going to play the hoopla and what-if. But I can only control what I can control. All I can do is make sure I’m ready when the time comes.”

The report was that McNabb believed his image would be damaged if he wore the plays on his arm. Unfortunately for him, his image has been under attack for some time. Now, John Beck is doing all he can to be the starter in Washington and McNabb is probably on the way out.

“All I’ve heard is that Shanahan is backing John Beck to be the starter,” McNabb said. “It really doesn’t matter to me. If I’m here, or if I’m elsewhere, I’ll be fine.

“John is a great guy. He does a great job preparing himself. I’ve known him since he was about 16 years old. I’ve trained with him in Arizona, he went to BYU. He’s done a great job, and I’m sure he’s taking on that role because he’s kind of been given the position, so to speak. He’ll do a good job if that was to happen. But whatever the situation is – if I’m here, if I’m elsewhere -- I’m gonna be ready to go.”

Where he’ll go, who knows? McNabb said it’s the Redskins’ decision.

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