Drew Brees draws parallel to WMD's with bounty scandal

The New Orleans Saints are still kicking and screaming over the messy bounty scandal that seems light on evidence until you step back and remember Gregg Williams and Joe Vitt, among others, have admitted to the existence of the program.

But Saints quarterback Drew Brees, the one without a contract for 2012, poked the league following the appeal hearings in New York that were held Monday.

“If NFL fans were told there were "weapons of mass destruction" enough times, they'd believe it. But what happens when you don't find any????” Brees wrote on his personal Twitter account.

If coaches who were running the program took the fall, why aren’t players allegedly involved taking the fall? Publicly, they are adamant that they did no wrong. There’s a big contradiction here and the implication is the coaches were wrongly suspended -- or that they lied.

The sense here is the NFL has far more evidence than Iraq ever had the capability to produce or strike with WMD’s.

Really, at this point the NFL can't wait to put this news behind it with the start of training camp. That's about the only thing that will drive this story away at this point.

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