Eric Ebron suggests NFL should create hybrid TE designation

Detroit Lions rookie tight end Eric Ebron has been compared to Saints tight end Jimmy Graham, in terms of athleticism and being a receiver first and foremost.

So naturally, Ebron is monitoring the situation with Graham, who is arguing to the NFL that he deserves to be paid like a receiver if he's going to receive the franchise tag designation.

Ebron suggested a compromise, which makes a ton of sense for a situation like this: The NFL should create a hybrid tight end designation for players like Graham, who are used mostly as receivers but will be asked to line up on the line and block. He made these comments to the Detroit News.

There will be some natural opposition to this idea, sure. But the premise has a great argument to it. The hybrid tight end has become a position many teams are seeking. Ebron fits the bill as one. Graham and Rob Gronkowski are the best two at that designation.

The Jets drafted Jace Amaro and the Bucs selected Austin Seferian-Jenkins, both of which are in that same mold. There are a group of players that now fit somewhere in between being a traditional receiver and a traditional tight end.

Regardless, the outcome of Graham's case will be a step one way or the other in determing how these players are determined on the franchise pay scale.

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