Evidence found Hernandez condo

The Aaron Hernandez case grows deeper and darker each day.

A story from the North Attleboro Sun Chronicle reveals that not only was a key piece of evidence - a white hooded sweatshirt - found in a second residence that Hernandez maintained, but also the location of that second residence was revealed to them by Carlos Ortiz, one of the other suspects with Hernandez in the shooting death of Odin Lloyd.

Ortiz was interviewed the day before Hernandez was arrested.

The hoodie and a baseball cap found in the condo are consistent with clothes Hernandez was wearing on surveillance video on the night of Lloyd's murder.

In other developments related to Hernandez of late, ESPN reports that Hernandez, then a 17-year-old freshman at the University of Florida, was a person police wanted to interview in regards to a shooting of two men on street following a disagreement in a nightclub.

Police interviewed former Gator safety Reggie Nelson, who was a rookie then with the Jacksonville Jaguars, walked up to the right side of the car the two men were in, and a man described as "Hawaiian" or "Hispanic" went to the right side of the car and fired five shots, wounding two of the three men in the vehicle, including hitting a man named Corey Smith in the head.

One of the men in the car, who identified Nelson, said the two men ran off after the shots were fired.

Nelson, in an interview with Gainesville, Fla., police, said he had been in the club but was not near the street when the shooting took place. Police asked to interview Hernandez, but he declined to meet with them.

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