Favre says maybe he'll play until he's 50

The undisputed king of drama should probably stop doing interviews until he makes his mind up what he wants to do – and it willing to live with his decision without further waffling.

Yes, Brett Favre has spoken again and this time he says he really thought it was OVER, and that he was finally done when he walked away from the podium following the Minnesota Vikings’ loss in the NFC Championship Game. Then, Favre tells USA Today that by the time he was on the team’s charter flight home, he had decided not to make any

“I mean, there were tears flyin',” Favre told USA Today. “By the time we landed, I am like, 'I don't think I can let these guys down.' I know football is a business, but more than anything I felt like there was unfinished business. All of a sudden, 'Oh, man, as much as I don't want to go through that again, I almost feel as if I owe these guys something.’

“And that is something, I admit, I have not felt in a long time. It has made it so hard to make a rational decision.”

Once again, Favre said he has no idea at this point if he is in or out for the 2010 season.

“Even I don't know,” he said. “Every year, I think the decision either will be made for me, making it easier, or I will know. I'm just trying to do that right thing. If it were about money, I would have said 'Yes,' the next day.”

Once again, Favre says that his surgically repaired ankle remains an issue and it hurts every day when he gets out of bed. But then he drops the joke no one wants to hear.

“If you do enough patchwork, eventually you've got to a get a new one," Favre told USA Today. “Hell, you gotta quit sometime. Then again, maybe I will be doing this when I'm 50 years old, who knows?”

Here’s hoping the next time Favre has something to say, he’s making a decision one way or the other on a 20th NFL season.

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