Fight breaks out at Titans camp

The tempo always gets ramped up in training camp when the pads go on, even if it is just shells.

That was the case Saturday afternoon at Tennessee Titans camp when receiver Michael Preston took offense to Michael Griffin slinging down receiver Nate Washington.

A melee involving about 20 or so players ensued, though there were no injuries.

Griffin took responsibility for instigating the fight and said he would also accept any and all fines that might come as a result.

“At the end of the day, it doesn't need to get to that. There was a trash can over that, people falling over with that, people trying to break it up. It doesn't need to get to that,” Griffin said. “There's probably going to be a fine handed out and I told Munch, even if he wants to fine Preston, I'll take that fine also. I threw the first punch, and there it is. It's settled right there.'

Preston as well said the matter is over.

“It was a little scuffle. It's part of football. It's going to happen from time to time out there, competing against each other at a high level. Neither one of wanted to back down. You move on from it and you just have to get better,” Preston said.

Coach Mike Munchak had the best quip of the day about the fight that involved mostly receivers and defensive backs.

“It was mainly a lot of little guys trying to look tough.”

For this camp, the Titans have instituted an odd new media rule, even for their open practices. Media is not allowed to shoot the final periods of practice, so there was no video or still photography available from the fight, until a fan shot surfaced on Twitter and then was promptly retweeted my every outlet covering the team in camp.

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