Five teams have called about Tebow

Five teams have already contacted the Denver Broncos about Tim Tebow in the 24 hours or so since Peyton Manning announced Denver as his next NFL destination.

Michael Lombardi of NFL Network, citing sources, said the Broncos began looking for a potential trading partner regarding Tebow shortly after Manning reached his decision on Monday.

It will be interesting to see which teams come to the forefront on dealing for Tebow, because he is still a young quarterback who won while being a work in progress as a passer and in a conventional pro-style offense.

Part of the reason for Tebow's 2011 success was Broncos coach John Fox's willingness to cater to Tebow's strengths by running a version of the spread option offense he ran so successfully at the University of Florida.

One report from a radio interview from the wife of one of Tebow's college teammates said Tebow had indicated that he would like to return to the South and the state of Florida if possible.

The Miami Dolphins and Tebow's hometown Jacksonville Jaguars might have room for another quarterback, enough so that Tebow could probably challenge for the starting role at either place. The Tampa Bay Bucs seem set with Josh Freeman as the starter, but have issues behind him on the depth chart.

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