Fred Davis' legal case is the bizarre story of offseason

If you haven’t had a chance yet to explore the bizarre legal case Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis is part of, invest a few minutes to learn how he is serving as his own counsel in a D.C. Superior Court.

Luke Mullins from Washingtonian Magazine has provided all the details and he has returned to share transcripts from various court hearings between Davis and Makini R. Chaka, a woman Davis’ bodyguard has described as a “madam/pimpette.”

Davis and Chaka are basically warring over a dispute in a night club where they poured drinks on one another. Davis, who has not been trained in law, is serving as his own lawyer. Chaka is also representing herself in a case that will go to trial in March 2013.

Mullins’ entire story can be found right here and it’s well worth a read. Here are two excerpts from the transcripts, starting with Chaka’s cross-examination of Davis on Feb. 11, 2011:

Chaka: Mr. Davis, you said that you did not know me on a friendship level. Is it true that I have, that I have or have not been to your home?
Davis: You’ve never been to my house. You’ve dropped someone off, a teammate to my house but that was it.
Chaka: I’ve never stayed the night at your home?
Davis: You’ve never stayed at my house ever. Ever.
Chaka: I’ve never been in your recording studio at your home?
Davis: No. You’ve never been—like I’m not going to, I don’t know how—
Chaka: So we never hung out at your house and stayed the night over there . . . and watched episodes of Martin before.
Davis: You’ve never, ever stayed at my house. You’ve been at Devin’s house, (former Redskins wide receiver) Devin Thomas’s, that’s another teammate of mine. You’re naming things that we’ve done over his house. He has a studio in his house. He has all those things that you’re talking about. I mean, as far as you coming to my house, you dropped someone off.
Chaka: Was there ever, was there ever a time that you and I were both at Devin’s house together?
Davis: Yes you’ve been there. You’re friends with him. Yes.

This is another cross-examination of Davis by Chaka on April 10, 2012.

Chaka: Well, let’s look at your document. It says December the 3rd, 2012. What’s today’s date, Mr. Davis?
Davis: I don’t know. I don’t know.
Chaka: What’s the date of today?
Davis: I don’t know what today is. All I know is I had court today.
Chaka: You don’t know what today’s date is? His document is not even valid.
Davis: What are you talking about? . . .
Chaka: Well, according to your statement, to bullet No. 5, it says that this event happened December 3rd, 2012.
Davis: Okay, and, what about it?
Chaka: Has December 3rd, 2012 even happened yet?
Davis: What?
Chaka: What? That’s the same thing I’m saying, Mr. Davis.
Davis: It was a misprint. Okay, December 3rd, 2011, okay, great.
Chaka: You signed an official document that you turned into the court—
Davis: With the wrong date, okay, all right.
Chaka: Stating that this incident happened on this date when there’s no such thing.
Davis: Okay, it’s a misprint.
Chaka: There’s no such event that could have ever happened on December the 3rd, 2012.
Davis: A misprint, okay.
Chaka: It’s not valid.
Davis: It is a misprint. It is a misprint.

It’s interesting that Davis’ court battle remainder under cover in D.C. for so long. But now it’s out there for everyone to examine. And it is certainly making the rounds.

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