Gailey didn't know of Fitzpatrick's broken ribs

INDIANAPOLIS _ Buffalo Bills coach Chan Gailey said Thursday at the NFL Combine that he did not know quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick had suffered broken ribs until the end of the season.

Gailey remembered his quarterback taking a shot in a game against the Washington Redskins, but said he did not know he had suffered broken ribs on the play, and that Fitzpatrick did not miss any practice time.

“Probably so,” Gailey answered when asked if the rib injury was to blame for Fitzpatrick's second-half decline in 2011. He said other factors contributed to Fitzpatrick's slump as well.

“I knew he'd taken a shot. It was more to chest than the ribs, I thought. It was in the Washington game that he took that shot. He didn't miss any practice,” Gailey said. “I don't know if it's that, but we started getting receivers hurt, we started getting linemen hurt. That had something to do with it. Scott Chandler got hurt late in the year and that had as much to do with it as anything. I didn't know anything about the broken part until the end there myself.”

Gailey also said running back Fred Jackson has been cleared from his broken leg, but defensive tackle Kyle Williams is still rehabbing his foot injury.

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