Give Randy Moss credit, he's sticking to his greatest ever claim

Let’s give Randy Moss some credit here.

The San Francisco 49ers wide receiver has stood behind his remarks from Tuesday’s Media Day at Super Bowl XLVII that he is the greatest wide receiver of all time. Better than, you know, that former Niners wide receiver Jerry Rice.

A man of conviction, Moss is in this Super Bowl spotlight.

Everybody is going to have their opinion," Moss said, according to Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area. "I do not live on numbers. I really do not. If you sit here and just said, 'Who is the greatest running back?' Statistically it is Emmitt Smith. People would say Barry Sanders, Gale Sayers or Jim Brown. (But) their numbers do not match Emmitt Smith, but people would say Emmitt Smith is the best running back."

Of course, others would also throw the name Walter Payton into that conversation and that is one of the great things about discussions about running backs in NFL history. There are several to pick between when it comes to a conversation about the greatest of all-time and maybe one day a player like Adrian Peterson will be in that conversation.

But when it comes to wide receivers, there isn’t as much room for discussion. Not with Rice dominating for as long as he did.

“You make your own judgment," Moss said. "You really do. I know what I think. I am not going to sit up here and tell you how to look at it and how to judge it. I think when it comes to going out there, making plays and helping the team do the things that they are able to do to win the game, I think I am the greatest receiver ever.

“Since Randy Moss said it, it is front of the sports page. Like I said, I just try to stay humble and do my job. That is what I am able to do. I am able to come out and try to say these things, but I do believe in my heart and my mind I am the greatest to ever do it."

One thing 49ers fans can get behind is they sure hope Moss is great come Sunday.

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