Golden Tate apologizes, blames buddy for Top Pot run

We have no doubt now, none whatsoever, that faced with questions about any passes he missed this season, Golden Tate will have the perfect explanation.

I was overthrown.

The ball was thrown behind me.

The ball was thrown too late.

The official missed a call.


Because Tate found a terrific explanation for how he wound up in a Seattle-area donut shop at 3 a.m. Saturday.

“A buddy made the mistake of going in, grabbing a couple," Tate said, according to Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times. "We ate them. Nothing much to the story other than that."

Yes, the ol’ “my buddy did it” defense. It’s time-honored. It works. And yes, Tate had some of the freshly baked maple bars from the Bellevue Top Pot Doughnuts store. In fact, Tate was issued a trespassing warning and it sounds like he and his “friend” are fortunate no one at the store wanted to pursue criminal charges for trespassing.

“(I'm) very apologetic to it," Tate said. “This is the wrong type of media I want to bring to the organization. I apologize to the team, the coaches and even Top Pot. As of now, I think that's the end of it.”

End of the excuse making? Well, we’ll see about that. End of the middle-of-the-night runs to Top Pot? Sure.

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