Greg Hardy could be subjected to exempt list

Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy could be subjected to the same list that Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was placed on early Wednesday morning.

With Hardy already being found guilty by a judge in North Carolina for assaulting a former girlfriend and threatening to kill her, the NFL and the Panthers organization have discussed the possibility placing him on the Exempt/Commissioner's Permission list for the time being, according to The Washington Post.

Basically, this would remove Hardy from the active roster while allowing him to collect his weekly $770,588.23. It's essentially a way to suspend a player with pay.

The CBA states that a player cannot be suspended or deactivated more than four games involuntarily for conduct detrimental to the team. So for Hardy to stay on the list past an additional three games, since he was deactivated last Sunday, he'd have to agree to it.

It may be in Hardy's best interest to agree to the designation given the backlash he'd face if he tells the organization he's not in favor of it. He's already viewed in a particularly negative light around the country, and any additional attention he brings to himself will only make matters worse on his end.

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