Gregg Williams' future in St. Louis very much up in the air

If Jeff Fisher will not take back Gregg Williams if and when the tarnished defensive coordinator is reinstated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, will he ever work in the league again?

It’s a fair question to consider. Keep in mind, there is no guarantee the indefinite suspension Williams received will be lifted. Goodell said Wednesday he will re-visit the situation in a year. Williams’ cooperation in the meantime will weigh heavily in any appeal to be reinstated. That might mean Goodell will lean on Williams heavily for information about player involvement in bounties.

Will Fisher bring Williams back as the defensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams if Williams is allowed to work in the NFL again?

You know, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it," Fisher said, according to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

"Just before coming down, I was watching the commissioner doing an interview. Not an easy day for him. Not a good day for the National Football League," Fisher said. "I’ve been wanting to discuss Coach Williams’ situation for a number of weeks, dating back to early March when he released his initial statement. But for obvious reasons I couldn’t.

"First and foremost our organization, Mr. (Stan) Kroenke and the entire organization supports and respects the decision that the commissioner has made. It’s a very difficult decision. But there was obviously some things that took place that warranted a decision like this.

"Secondly, it does not come as a complete surprise. I’ve had some contact with some officials in the league office, and was anticipating the suspension to come down over the past couple days. And the severity of the suspension does not surprise us as well. So as we, as best you can, have been preparing for that.

"Gregg is a very, very talented proven successful coach in the National Football League over many, many years. He made a mistake, he admitted to that mistake. He was remorseful. He regrets making the decisions that he made and has accepted the consequences.

"I also want to note that this organization, including myself, had no idea when we hired Gregg Williams that there was the potential for this to happen. I’ve often been asked behind the scenes, had you known about it, would you have hired him? Of course not. You’re not going to go out and hire somebody that’s going to potentially be suspended for an entire year."

Williams apologized again for his role in the mess in a statement that was released by the team. Now, Fisher has to decide what path he’ll guide his team on without the defensive coordinator around. Williams has to hope at some point he can return and if he does, someone will want him.

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