Gross calls Carolina workouts 'incredibly successful'

To the degree players can install an offensive system without coaches being there, the Carolina Panthers players feel pretty good about the work they got done the last two weeks.

Of course, there might be some real good debate from coaches on how much of a playbook can be installed without the men paid to teach it not present. But that’s the reality of the NFL’s lockout – players are on their own doing their own thing.

Jordan Gross, who helped organize well attended workouts for the Panthers, called their sessions “incredibly successful.”

We worked a lot on the playbook and we got of lot of work in with installing the new offense,” Gross told Steve Reed of the Gaston Gazette. “We’re not where we would be if we had coaches working with us, but the guys will be walk away with a good familiarity of the playbook and some of the things we plan to do this season.”

The workouts will wrap up today, and they’ll finally be open to media. The daily workouts have lasted three to four hours with study time included. Some players received playbooks during the brief window when the lockout was lifted.

Gross says at least 45 players have attended each day with more than 50 players present most days.

“Almost everybody you can think of showed up at least one day,” Gross said. “We were very well represented.”

It will be interesting to find out how Cam Newton performed because all eyes will be on him this season, there is no question about that.

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