Hard Knocks? Hardly tolerated by James Harrison

Hard Knocks? Hardly tolerated by hard-nosed Cincinnati Bengals linebacker James Harrison, a tough guy with a serious attitude.

Harrison doesn't like cameras, especially the Hard Knocks crew from HBO at the Bengals' training camp shadowing his every move.

Harrison has closed doors on the cameras and brandished the middle finger at them.

“I don’t feel they deserve to be here,” Harrison told the Cincinnati Enquirer. “They did nothing to be here, other than want to be here,” he said. “They didn’t put no blood, sweat and tears into none of this. All these men in here, they did that. They did nothing. No one deserves to see this, to come inside of this unless you’re a part of this. That’s why.”

Harrison says the scrutiny is a pain in the butt.

To avoid the cameras, he even got into the car of someone he didn't know to make his escape.

“It’s kind of like this: Everybody knows I’m getting into the car with him," Harrison said. "There’s a bunch of cameras watching me get in the car. It wouldn’t be too smart. They’ve got his license plate and everything else. And plus, I think I can kind of handle myself. He’s driving and I’m behind him, so I think I’d be all right.”

What does Harrison think of the media in general?

Not so much.

“Nothing against you personally,” Harrison said. “You might be a good guy. I just don’t like your profession.”

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Aaron Wilson covers the Ravens for The Baltimore Sun.

Aaron Wilson
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