Holmes says hits caused him to see sky as green

Priest Holmes was one of the NFL's most dominant running backs approximately a decade ago.

Now the former Baltimore Raven and Kansas City Chief says he would often get up from bone-jarring hits he suffered and see the sky as a color other than blue - sometimes, green, orange or red ... even clear-looking after one jolt.

"This color obviously isn't going to be blue. It can be a color that can be orange. It can be red. The sky could turn green," Holmes told FoxSports.com. "There's even an episode where you see a clear light, like light at the end of the tunnel."

Now, years after his career ended, the former running back says he suffers from migraine headaches and other woes that he believes are concussion-related, stemming from the hits he took playing pro football. Holmes said he won't necessarily encourage his own sons to follow in his footsteps and play the game.

“I always let them know, this isn’t a have-to,” he said. “Believe me, there’s other avenues you can choose in life.”

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