Holmes: Tebow trade 'rattled' Sanchez

Santonio Holmes tells all.

At least that's what it appears like in terms of the wide receiver talking about how quarterback Mark Sanchez spoke to him regarding the Jets first acquiring Tim Tebow back in March.

“I think since Day 1 it was a focus that kind of rattled him a little,” Holmes told the New York Daily News.

Holmes and Sanchez talked shortly after the trade was made to acquire Tebow from Denver, and Holmes said Sanchez asked him "Wow!. How did this happen? Those were words that came out of his mouth."

The receiver says that since then, Sanchez has been more accepting of the Tebow acquisition.

“I think he understands now that his role is to be the New York Jets starting quarterback, and Tebow is here to help us win as many games as he can help us win,” Holmes said.

Still, it is interesting that Holmes is willing to reveal Sanchez's apparent frame of mind when the trade first went down, and that perhaps there was (is?) this feeling that Sanchez was questioning exactly why the deal was made and perhaps questioning exactly how much confidence Jets management has in him.

Holmes and Sanchez have apparently repaired their relationship that went south last season.

"Spending time with Mark, I think he’s more focused this season,” Holmes said. “He’s excited in replacing himself from what he did last year. ... I’m going to ride with him to the end.”

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