Houshmandzadeh jobless in Seattle

The Seattle Seahawks can’t forge a new identity and future fast enough.

That is why the team is willing to right a wrong by paying veteran wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh a huge chunk of money to play elsewhere in 2010.

The Seahawks will cut the veteran wideout after only one year of service if a trade cannot be worked out in the next, oh, 22 hours or so. That isn’t going to happen, either, not with Houshmandzadeh owed $7 million this season. The Seahawks will pay the bulk of that money as Adam Schefter of ESPN reported the team will cut ties with him.

Per the report, the contract contains offset language meaning when the 32-year-old Houshmandzadeh signs with another team, the Seahawks will only have to pay the difference after his new contract to get to $7 million. That means if he gets a $2 million deal for this season, the Seahawks will owe him $5 million.

Where will he land? That’s tough to say right now. Carolina might have a pressing need for wide receivers, but they also need to develop young talent. Look for a team fixing to contend to step up and don’t rule out the Minnesota Vikings, who lost out to Seattle for Houshmandzadeh in free agency a year ago. That’s a case of the best deal being the one the Vikings didn’t do.

Houshmandzadeh made 79 receptions last season but he is a possession target and the Seahawks were way off in guaranteeing him $15 million.

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