In effort to trade McNabb, Moon says he's getting raw deal

Sooner or later, someone figured to come to the defense of Donovan McNabb.

Warren Moon was that man, drawing some interesting parallels and then pointing out some major differences in a report by Jim Corbett in USA Today. Moon was once traded himself after a successful run with the Houston Oilers coming off a stretch in which he helped guide the organization to six consecutive postseason appearances.

The Oilers, Moon tells Corbett, let him know what they wanted to do and then listened to him when it came to potential landing spots. He wound up in Minnesota where he continued to have success.

McNabb’s situation has take a turn for the crazy since coach Andy Reid announced at the owners meetings that the team would be listening to offers. Fact is, the team had been listening to offers.

Making the situation more murky is the fact that some teams that looked like potential destinations for McNabb early in the offseason have now clearly gone in a different direction. It’s left the Oakland Raiders to be the primary team of discussion, one that McNabb reportedly has no interest in joining. Can you blame him? But even a deal with Al Davis isn’t a given. What will McNabb and the Eagles do if a trade can’t be put together?

“I don't know if he'd be able to go back and play for that organization after all he's endured," Moon told Corbett. "Then, again, I wouldn't be surprised if they keep him as a starter and he goes right back out there and doesn't miss a beat.

"It seems like every year Donovan is the topic of some type of conversation about something, whether it was the Michael Vick thing last year, T.O. (Terrell Owens) a couple of years before that; the NAACP coming after him during the season one year, all kinds of different things always swirling around him. Yet it doesn't seem to bother him. He goes right out there on the field and performs. That's what I love about the guy. He doesn't let all the controversy affect him."

Moon doesn’t see the respect that should be afforded a player who has led the organization for mole than a decade.

“The Oilers told me the reason why they were trading me," Moon said. "They made sure I approved of where I was going. What Donovan's done for that organization, he's never been a problem there. It seems like they'd give him more respect than have him hanging out there like this.”

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