Is Virginia Tech QB Logan Thomas the next Cam Newton?

The Breakdown

QB Logan Thomas: Virginia Tech (6-6, 254)

What I like…

ThomasICONThomas definitely has some Cam Newton to his game.

- Possesses elite size for the position. Can easily see over the offensive line and has the girth/muscle needed to take a pounding in the NFL.
- Has a high release point, the ball comes out over his ear and he will never have a tough time finding throwing lanes in the NFL.
- Possesses a massive set of hands that allow him to simply engulf the football and really spin it on all levels of the field.
- Is athletic and strong inside the pocket. Knows how to buy time for himself and shrug off defenders through contact.
- Looks very natural throwing the football on the move. Possesses a massive set of hands and can really spin the football with “plus” accuracy and velocity on the run.
- Does a great job squaring his shoulders quickly when rolling to his left. Cleanly gets his feet around and can smoothly deliver the football rolling against the grain.
- Possesses a big time NFL arm. Showcases the ability to zip the football outside the numbers and put throws on his receivers quickly.
- Showcases the ability to throw receivers open in the intermediate pass game. Recognizes soft spots in zone coverage and will throw on time through the teeth of a defense.
- Exhibits “plus” touch vertically down the field. Trust his release, spins the football cleanly and can drop bucket throws into the hands of his wide outs with ease.
- Is at his best when plays breakdown. Exhibits an excellent feel of bodies around him, keeps his eye level down the field and can find secondary receivers.
- Does showcase the ability to transfer his weight from his back foot in rhythm from his drop and be accurate/balanced delivering the football.
- Is a bear to bring down in the open field with his legs. Exhibits an initial burst with the lateral quickness and strength to slip a tackle and create with his legs.
- Improved as the season went on as a passer in 2012. Had a better understanding of the offense at the end of the year and the game began to slow down for him.
- Is one of those uniquely gifted athletes who has the upside to be as good as he wants to be in the NFL.
- Showcased the poise to lead Virginia Tech to some big comeback wins in 2012 (Miami) and led the Hokies to a Sugar Bowl performance as a sophomore.

What I didn’t like…

- Is still developing as a pocket passer.
- Needs to improve overall footwork and balance into throws from the pocket when he looks for a secondary targets.
- Has a tendency to fall off throws when he has time and when he wants to take a bit off the football, causing some accuracy issues.
- Is still learning how to decipher information from the pocket. Works predominantly one side of the field only with his reads.
- Will make up his mind pre-snap at times and force the ball into his initial read.
- Gets a little careless with the football when asked to buy time in the pocket. Has a tendency to put the football on the ground at times when looking to run/buy time.
- Needs to do a better job protecting himself when running, loves contact, but needs to take better care of his right arm/shoulder in the NFL.
- When trying to quickly find a secondary read he doesn’t look real poised. Struggles to align his feet with the target and will trust his arm too much, which takes away from touch/accuracy underneath.
- Needs to improve his overall feel for his offense and ability to work the entire field when going through his progressions.

The Breakdown…

There simply aren’t many athletes around that possess his size, strength, quickness and ability to spin the football. He showcases the ability to gash defenses with his legs, keep plays alive in the pocket and create down the field because of his impressive vertical touch.

Now, he is still leaning how to play the position. His footwork needs to improve, his ability to find secondary throwing options from the pocket needs improvement as well.

However, the guy has the ability to stress a defenses from a number of ways much like Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton and if he can continue show improvement as a passer this year, it wouldn’t shock me at all if he ends up being the draft’s number one overall pick come April 2013.

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