Jadeveon Clowney could work out for a team

Former South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney has been scrutinized this offseason due to a recent report citing anonymous sources calling him "lazy" and "spoiled."

This came after a report that indicated he wouldn't do any private workouts for NFL suitors, which came after Clemson's Brandon Thomas tore his ACL during one.

But Clowney's agent, Bus Cook, told USA Today that the fact Clowney has been called "lazy" holds no water with them.

"We don't give any consideration to that," Cook told the newspaper. "None of that has bothered us. It doesn't bother Jadeveon. That's not something that's been asked of me by any of the teams that I've talked to. Just go watch the tape."

Clowney is easily the best defensive player in the upcoming NFL draft and still could potentially go No. 1 overall to the Texans as a result. It would be unlikely that he'd fall out of the top five.

That said, Cook didn't rule out the chance that Clowney might do a short workout for a team. Given that Clowney impressed at the combine and at his Pro Day, there isn't much of an incentive for Clowney to risk injury, though.

"He may do one more thing, for one team, maybe a five-minute workout," Cook said. "It doesn't make sense to do more than that, given the fact of what happened to the Clemson kid (offensive lineman Brandon Thomas, who suffered a torn ACL). If they weren't at the pro day or combine, where are they?"

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