Jerry Angelo says he was taken out of context

Former Chicago Bears general manager Jerry Angelo claims he was taken out of context in a USA Today story where he was quoted as saying that "hundreds and hundreds" of domestic violence incidents were swept under the rug by the NFL.

“That ‘hundreds and hundreds’ was taken totally out of context,” Angelo said. “When I was making a point to this person, I was making a point that over my 31 years in the National Football League I’ve seen a lot of changes. There were hundreds and hundreds of things over those years that I’ve seen that have gotten better. Domestic violence is one of those.

"There were no hundreds and hundreds [of cases] of domestic violence. I would have no knowledge of that or have any idea how I would authenticate that. . . . That was never the intent of [the writer’s] conversation with me.”

Angelo said that he was trying to get across that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has improved the situation.

“It’s very disappointing,” Angelo said. “That story was originally was supposed to be about the commissioner and how I saw him when I was in the league. I’m very pro-commissioner.

“It went in a whole other direction and I was blindsided with it. Unfortunately you can’t rewrite what’s already been written but I do want to go on record to tell you what my intentions were and what my motives were.”

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Aaron Wilson covers the Ravens for The Baltimore Sun

Aaron Wilson
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