Jerry Jones surprised at criticism of his sideline approach

Jerry Jones is mystified that he would be criticized for going to the sideline to talk with coach Jason Garrett during the Dallas Cowboys game on Saturday.

It’s something Jones has done throughout his tenure with the Cowboys and with the game meaningless for Dallas after the New York Giants had won, Jones wanted to ensure there was clear communication with Garrett after quarterback Tony Romo went out with a hand injury.

Jones likes to handle important business face-to-face but it’s been met with criticism since.

“You communicate a lot of different ways,” Jones said during a radio interview with KTCK-AM 1310, according to the Dallas Morning News. “It isn’t just words. It’s body language, it’s everything. So it’s important to me, when I’m down there, to be evaluating what’s going on on the sideline, and it’s important to me to be communicating with anything I’m about on the sideline.

“In this particular case, I did want nothing to drop between the lines communication-wise. We had talked about clearly what would happen if the Giants won, what we would be doing with Felix (Jones) during this ballgame and the need to have him healthy if we could do anything about it next week. But what we didn’t talk about was what if something happened and there was a question mark about Romo, how that would be handled. That’s Jason’s decision, but he doesn’t need to be making that one by himself.

“So I wanted to, very briefly, step down there with just a few minutes gone in the first quarter, sit there and say, ‘Here’s the lay of the land. Romo’s got a hand injury, but it looks like we’re going to have him for New York. Felix is there. You make the decision, but our emphasis should be on New York.’”

Jones said he’s talked with every head coach he’s ever had during his tenure as owner and that it didn’t get publicity when the franchise was winning Super Bowls.

“It has amazed me to be criticized for really walking down on the floor of the company or walking into the business that we’re doing, not just the Dallas Cowboys, and not pick up the trash or be interested in how that guy’s treating customers,” Jones explained. “The more involved your top management, the more involved ownership can be, I’ve always thought made the best way for it to work.

“Anybody who has got any sense knows that I didn’t get here alone. I got here with a lot of very smart people and listening to those very smart people and I do do that. We don’t have to take a step back. What we need to do is win. And we need to win this way and a lot of other things then go away.

“You didn’t see that kind of criticism very early on, but we were winning Super Bowls. And it was the same exact way that we handled our decision-making and the exact same way that we handled our ultimate information gathering system. We’ve been doing it ever since I owned the team. The exact same way.”

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