Jim Irsay declines to apologize for arrest

Colts owner Jim Irsay spoke to a reporter for the first time since his DUI arrest in March, when he allegedly operated a motor vehicle under the influence of painkillers. 

Speaking to Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star, Irsay acknowledged his addiction to the pills but that he's been without alcohol for the past decade

However, he didn't feel the need to apologize to anyone at this time. 

"I don't think that's something I'll address right now," he said. "There are certain things I want to say that I can't say. We need to let the process go forward and I'll address that later. I'm a human being; if there's something I have to apologize for, I would, but at this point, it wouldn't be appropriate. It sets me up, like if you don't say you're sorry, then why aren't you saying you're sorry? And if you say you're sorry, then you must have done something wrong."

Hey, he actually has a point. With this going through a legal process, it would be in Irsay's best interest to stay mum on the subject. What he's alleged of doing was dangerous not only to himself but to other drivers on the road. But you can bet he has a lawyer or two in his ear telling him not to talk -- much, at least -- until everything is sorted out.

Once everything goes its course, he'll likely apologize. If not, well, that would be a shame considering the position he put himself in. 

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