Johnson says he and Portis will complement one another

Larry Johnson has brought the mentality of a starter to the Washington Redskins and says he’ll see how things shake out after the club made the somewhat odd decision to back up an aging Clinton Portis with another back whose best days are behind him.

"I wouldn't come in and say I want to be the third guy or the fourth guy," Johnson said today in his first meeting with Washington media, according to Jason Reid of the Washington Post. "I just come in to work hard and wherever they have me on the depth chart is wherever they have me. But it's going to be all [based] off of how hard I work here."

How the backfield shakes out, we’ll see. The Redskins have been addressing the issues on the offensive line first, and the quarterback issue will come squarely into focus on draft weekend. Shanahan has always made do with running backs in his system.

"We kind of complement each other,” Johnson said. “It's never, 'Oh, I'm coming here to take your spot.' It's never been no kind of feel like that.

"I still have a lot left. People keep forgetting I didn't really play much my first couple of years in NFL, let alone college. I still have a lot of burn left and haven't really been nicked up or hurt, thank God, as far as my whole career.”

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