Judge closes evidence hearing in Sean Taylor murder case

A state court judge in Miami ruled to close a hearing on May 20 in which he will consider whether or not to suppress alleged confessions and statements made to police in the murder case of Washington Redskins Pro Bowl safety Sean Taylor.

Judge Dennis J. Murphy granted the defense’s motion to close the hearing, according to the Washington Post, saying it was necessary for the four defendants to receive a fair trial.

“I have no doubt we will have extensive and pervasive media coverage of this case because it is a high-profile case,” Murphy said, per the Post.

On trial are four men from Fort Myers, Fla. They have been charged with murder and burglary in the shooting death of Taylor in November 2007. A fifth man already pleaded guilty and is expected to be a key witness against the others.

The evidentiary hearing involves Eric Rivera and Charles Wardlow. Taylor’s family will be permitted to attend the closed hearing.

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