Keith Brooking remains confident no games will be lost

Amidst a sea of negativity, there is one voice that clearly remains optimistic about the NFL’s labor situation.

We’re not suggesting Dallas Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking is the only one who clearly sees the lockout and problems working toward a new collective bargaining agreement resolved in a timely manner, but he’s certainly positive despite the court ruling Monday that came down on the side of the owners.

Brooking visited with the Galloway & Company show on 103.3 KESN-FM in Dallas to examine the situation. Are doom and gloom beginning to push aside his optimism?

“I think as you get closer to the season I think it tends to look that way a little bit,” Brooking said, according to “For me I’m a little more on the inside then obviously our fans and the people out there listening right now. I may have a little more insight on what is going on and little more confidence that, probably a lot more confidence that the season will take place and we won’t miss games because when you go out in the public and people come up to you the feeling you get is that our fans are thinking that the NFL is going to come to an end with some of the comments that they make.

“I think I told you guys the last time we spoke that was on-air that obviously I’m not 100 percent on anything, but I still even today a month or so later I feel very confident that we won’t miss an NFL regular season game. I do feel confident in that. I just hope our fans hang in there and have that confidence as well and believe this thing will get worked out.”

The natural follow-up for Brooking was why does he remain confident when no tangible progress has been made over the last two months?

“Well I just think there’s enough smart people … on both sides, the NFL and the players side that they’re not going to mess up a game, the most popular game in this country, obviously it’s so powerful right now,” Brooking said. “It’s so popular. You can say it’s not about the money, when it’s always about the money. There’s too much money at stake once the regular season takes place for each owner and players obviously. I just don’t think they will allow that to happen. That’s my hope. That’s what I’m hanging my hat on.”

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