Lance Easley takes part in Seahawks charity event

Lance Easley isn’t going to live down the blown call in the Packers-Seahawks game last fall that cost Green Bay the game and expedited the return of regular officials to the NFL.

So, he’s living it up and donating some time to charity as he goes. Easley is writing a book about his experience following the controversial Golden Tate touchdown. He showed up at the charity softball game operated by Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman on Sunday. All in good fun.

I’m here for charity, and I would do the same for (Packers) charities,” Easley, a former Marine, said according to John Boyle of the Everett Herald. “I have no ill-will against any team, I’m not a Seahawk fan, I’m not a Green Bay fan. I stopped being a fan years ago.

“That’s why I’m here, to give back.”

Easley dressed for the part as a referee and posed for pictures. He said it was fun. He also said he would not change the call.

“Oh yeah, I wouldn’t change it. I can’t,” he said, per the report. “The NFL upheld it, I’ve looked at plenty of video, I’ve talked to my replay guys, there’s nothing to turn it over,” Easley said. “The fact is, if you want to say that the defender had control of it in the air—which is loosely used, because really process of a catch you have to have two feet, or another body part, and control the ball when you touch the ground in bounds—the ball could have come loose anywhere in that process for a second, which nobody can really see even with all the cameras, and if it did, then it’s a loose ball but it didn’t touch the ground, so if they’re both on it, it goes to the offense.

"So it was just one of those calls. It’s just a play that will live in NFL history.”

There was some pass interference that was definitely missed. Hopefully the exercise for charity – Sherman’s game supported a group that helps wounded veterans and their families – was a success.

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