Lineman takes less money to stay on Bears' practice squad

The Miami Dolphins tried to lure Levi Horn, an undrafted rookie free agent from Montana, to sign with them before Week 16 but he opted to remain with the Chicago Bears.

The Dolphins offered to sign Horn off the practice squad of the Bears and carry him on their 53-man roster for the final two weeks of the season but he chose to remain where he was. The Bears have Horn a raise over the minimum he was earning on the practice squad -- $88,400 – and he’ll be paid during the playoffs.

"Levi could have made more money going to the Dolphins," said his agent Cameron Foster. "But he sees a future for himself with the Bears and that's where he wanted to stay."

The Bears couldn’t keep wide receiver Juaquin Iglesias, who turned down more money with the Bears through playoff checks to leave their practice squad and sign with the Minnesota Vikings last week.

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